Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You could a job...DRIVING A SCHOOL BUS!

So yesterday I turned in my Ohio license for a South Dakota license and took the written portion of my CDL (So that I can drive a SCHOOL BUS)! And I PASSED! It was pretty amazing. After passing the test we all went out to lunch in Rapid at a place called Bostons.

I did not think I was going to tell this story but looking back it just seems so funny that I should share with you all. So while we were at lunch it some how came up that I liked guys with Irish accents...not that I have met many...And Carla decided it was a fetish and proceeded to say "Hey Time... aren't you Irish"? The way that she said it and the timing were so perfect that I burst out laughing...while my mouth was full of water. Now, I can not remember a time where I have spit water out while laughing...but this made up for all the times I had managed to choke it back. I spit water all over Sarah and what was left of her lunch...I still feel pretty awful...but it was all very funny. Maybe you had to be there.

After we came home from Rapid we had our first house meeting. It was mostly discussing business but it was nice to spend time together as a house and start looking ahead to our year together...and also to be jelly fish together.

Once we finished our meeting I had the privilege of driving the big white 12 passenger van to OLL for dinner. For the past 2 weeks they have been coming out here for dinner and our meetings so it was nice to be able to come to them for a change. It was dinner for breakfast too so it was pretty worth it!
                                                 (House Photo!)

As for today...

I GOT TO DRIVE THE SCHOOL BUS! Thats right...keep the kids indoors. Driving the bus forward isn't so bad, I just have to make better friends with the gas peddle, but for anyone who knows my driving we know that won't take to long. Now, going backwards in the bus is a whole other story. That sucker is HUGE! I never use my mirrors in the car...but you can only use side mirrors in the's a weird adjustment...but I'm sure I will get used to it.

Dinner tonight was off the grill...and there was a surprising addition of grilled grasshopper covered in chocolate syrup...I did not partake.

Tomorrow we are going up to the Sioux Spiritual Center for retreat so I will not be writing again until Sunday...Just don't worry...I have not fallen off the face of the earth... hopefully.

Peace and Joy until then!

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  1. We could get married,
    just the two of us
    you could get a job
    (steering wheel hand motion)
    I love you baby,
    Will you marry me?