Tuesday, August 3, 2010

School Bus Oh School Bus...

If I had not told you yet while jumping up and down...or you did not understand me in my fit of jumping up and down, part of my job this year will be driving the school bus! So today was mostly spent sitting in a group reading the manual so that we could pass the test to get a permit.

So after many hours of cramming, breaking for dinner, and doing some more cramming, Luke came to tell us that we in fact could not go to take the test because the rules have changed and we need originals of all our documents...which only a few people have. But on that note I now have until Monday to take the written test which makes me very happy.

This morning we went to take a tour of OLL which is the other middle/elementary school campus affiliated with Red Cloud. The tour was led very enthusiastic by a returning volunteer (and by that I mean we learned that the bus garage is where all the buses are. It was fantastic!) After our tour we went to "play on the playground" but we were all pretty tired. I did however watch two full grown men use a teeter-totter...pretty fantastic.

I am currently taking a break from the guitar jam session in the living room...Kelly and I are starting a folk rock band complete with the music of rise up singing. I was so excited to find someone to share in its joy with me! hehe.

There was also an amazing storm this afternoon. It blew in out of nowhere and the winds were incredible but it was gone just about as quickly as it came. I was really happy when it cooled things down from the normal 95 to about 70...right now its 63...so refreshing!

Tomorrow in the absence of the bus trip we are going to help rebuild the sweat lodge on campus...I'm sure I will have lots to report, I'm pretty excited!


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