Monday, August 2, 2010

I don't have much to report on today. We started our volunteer orientation which was nice. We started off the day with breakfast (and brownies FOR breakfast!) After that I was nominated to lean the music at mass even though I had no idea what I was doing. IT turned out alright though and I was proud of myself for stepping outside of my comfort zone in order to contribute to the community. 
This afternoon I was able to see my classroom. I looks like it has a lot of potential...but the floors are mustard yellow and the walls are light yellow so I will have to find a way to work with that. I do not know who picked that color combination but I can tell you it was picked at least 30 years ago. 

I helped with cooking dinner tonight, but we had to cook at the gray house because our kitchen looks like this...
The people working on it are very nice and said that because we would be up and out of th house early tomorrow they want to try and come early and stay late and hopefully finish it...but we will see.

We also went on a tour today but it was with a group of tourists which was a little odd. At one point we thought maybe our houses should be part of the tour. I had the opportunity to walk up to the grave yard were chief red cloud is buried which was just nifty and then we also went into the cultural center which is currently housing a really cool art show (no pictures aloud...sorry). 

Tonight after dinner I went on a walk while the sun was setting. I did not get to start as soon as I had hoped...but some day soon I am going to watch the sun set from the top of one of the hills! 

Tomorrow we are going to take a tour of OLL (the other school with volunteers) and then learn about driving the buses! Should be a rockin good time! haha. 


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  1. Awesome pictures again. I don't post anything on the story because I already heard it. Except that you visited the tomb of a chief, don't get scared because he might visit you.