Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is the bus graveyard...where buses go to die...

I did not get a permit to drive the bus today, but I did get to help out preparing the sweat lodge. We started at about 9 and plugged on through until 1 but it was really a lot of fun. It was great to get to work with some of the other volunteers and also to be outside and totally present in the land. We pulled many weeds, broke one weed waker, ran over a couple rocks with the lawn mower, carried a very full load of wood, moved rocks and rugs out of the lodge, it was all pretty intense. 

                                                 before                                                  after              
Once we were finished we went back and had lunch witch included some more of the most amazing potato salad I have ever had (I'm sad its gone!) After lunch I came back to shower and rest and ended up with a whopper of a headache, I have spent the rest of the day in bed hiding from the sun. This also meant that I was not able to go to the sweat with the other volunteers tonight, but I am sure I will have many more opportunities over the year. 

Tonight, because everyone was at the sweat or the airport, I had dinner by myself. I realized this was the first time in possibly months that I had dinner alone. It was a very strange wasn't bad...but just odd. Lucky for me this may not happen to many times over the year... especially because we still have no kitchen. 

I also heard all kinds of news from camp today which really brought me down. It is hard to feel so excited and alive here but also know that I am missing out on such an important part of my life. If any of you are reading this know you are all in my hearts. 

Thats all I have to report, I have to be up bright and early for many hours of orientation. For now, the office and bed and happy thoughts of no more headaches! 

"You see me better than I am, she said & I'm worried what'll happen when your vision changes"
(story people, vision change) 

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  1. I love that there is a graveyard for buses. You guys really cleaned that up.