Sunday, September 26, 2010

And Then I Got the Plague...

So, it turns out little kids have lots and lots of germs. Just lovely. My students are all so caring they just all wanted to share with me. I'm so lucky.

This week was International Peace Day and we celebrated by making pinwheels for peace and calling Dr. Mrs. Mama Fishman's class on Skype! It was great fun and the students really enjoyed it...and LOVED their pinwheels.

While we were talking about peace we were looking at all the countries on our carpet...and someone asked if we lived in mexico...and that is when we started our unit on geography. Hopefully we have it all straightened out now.

This Friday was the back to school pow wow! I had a bunch of students participating and it was so fun to get to see them outside of school. I had to spend some of my time prefecting in the little gym...which means for an hour and a half I sat in the gym listening to the drumming during hand games and telling kids they could not sit on the stage. It was less than awesome.


 Angelina and Maria

Friday night is when everything went down hill. When 5 hit I felt so awful I had to leave the pow wow dinner to come line down...and I was only feeling worse. Kate made me call the Dr. on call at the clinic and they felt that "I should seek medical attention within the next four hours" which basically made it sounds like I was going to die and was probably a major over reaction. Anyway, Kelly and Michael were feeling particularly awesome and drove me all the way to Rapid and back. I am very grateful that they came and was told after 10 minutes there that I probably just had a virus and was sent home with a long list of prescriptions. I am starting to feel on the mend but I am still really tired out. My only hope now is that I can be all better for school tomorrow.

Saturday was house spirituality/house fun day. We started the day of with yoga which I did despite my illness and late night. It was the first time I had ever actually done yoga and I must say it was very relaxing. After that we all drove up to rapid and had lunch at the Mongolian grill (DELICIOUS!) and then went to Pirates Cove to play put-put. It was AMAZING! But I was so whipped out I slept almost the whole way home and went to bed at 8.

While we were in Rapid we also made a quick run to wal-mart where I became WAY to excited in the Halloween section. Lets just say my kids will be very spoiled with plastic pumpkins full of stretchy skeletons and bouncy balls with spiders and candy and pencils! It was worth it.

Today I slept...and then had a Skype date with Shereen and Jennie! IT WAS AWESOME! I have not heard those giggles in far to long. We had some serious technical issues, but at least we could all hear each other and feel like we had been reunited once again. After that I slept some more, and then I lesson planned for the week, and then I slept some more...and on that note I am all ready for bed!

Here's to hopes of a healthy week!

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  1. Aw! Your kids just love you so much that they had to share their germs with Miss Erin. Feel special. I'm glad that you are starting to feel better.

    And ohmygosh your children are so adorable!

    Also, I played mini golf at that place in 2004.