Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm really no good at this...

I feel like I have not had anything exciting to report, but when I think about it I guess a lot has happened.

Long long the begging of October...we had fall break. Kate, Carla, Kevin, and I went up to Rapid for a night of fun. We ate lots and lots and lots of food, all good, and spent the night at Margie's (the 4th grade teacher at OLL). She was gone for a wedding and her house sitter, Dennis, used to work at Red Cloud. We spent the night getting a solid education on spirits which was both interesting and helpful. We also went bowling with Jessie and Jacob and Jeremy and some other folks and it was lots and lots of fun. For anyone who doesn't know...I still suck at bowling.

Kate and I spent the rest of our weekend having a sleepover on our couch and watching movies on the projector. It was awesome and very relaxing.

As far as teaching goes we have spent almost the whole time either teaching or getting ready for the NCA visit (this is to not only keep accreditation as a school, but to become accredited as a district with OLL). I am happy to report that we are now fully accredited as a district :)

Thursday was a ridiculous day. We had an impromptu feild trip that I drove for. It was a blessing ceremony for the children as part of an effort to help combat the rising rates of suicide on the rez. I am glad we did it...but the organization was just terrible. We arrived at 9:30 when the ceremony was supposed to start, only to find that the people running it had not arrived yet at which point we had to try to contain a bunch of kindergarten, first, and second graders for an hour. This also meant that we did not eat lunch until we got 12:30. They normally it at 10:50. At that point the day was pretty much a lost we had recess and watched wall-e.

Thursday night was our Halloween carnival. I did face painting for all the tiny tots, they were very cute. Jessie, Amanda, and Jacob were doing pie throwing next to us...Lets just say I ended up coming home covered in whip cream and it was not because I was hit by a stray pie. Thanks for that Jacob. : P

Friday night was Kate's 23rd birthday and so we went to OLL for birthday prom! It was lots of fun. Amazing food and goofy dancing all night long! Happy Birthday to Kate!

My new mission is to try and be better about updating. Sorry to everyone who keeps checking only to find that I have not done anything!


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